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Final Events by Nick Redfern

5th October 2010

Nick Redfern's 'Final Events'

Well known author Nick Redfern has written a fascinating book 'Final Events' which is just out and well worth reading. The book confirms Nigel Kerner's hypothesis made in 1998 in his first book 'The Song of the Greys' that the alien agenda is centred on their pre-occupation with the human soul. Nick has garnered information from a group of now retired top military officials within the US defence establishment to suggest that this hypothesis may well be true. This group known as the 'Collins Elite' suggest that the Grey aliens seen in so many alien encounters are demons in disguise, in other words they are illusions manifested by demons trying to capture the human soul. Thus, says the Collins Elite, they are a modern manifestation of the demons of the past.

Nigel Kerner suggests that the converse is actually true. In other words the demons of the past may well be the actual bio-roboidal Grey aliens of today but interpreted as demons by people of the past who would have known nothing about technology and would have believed these entities to possess magical powers. So Nigel would disagree with the hypothesis the Collins Elite have formed based on the evidence they have witnessed. In his book Nick Redfern documents a great deal of evidence from abductions and NDEs to confirm the hypothesis that the human soul is the alien target, thus the book is well worth reading. Nick has published a letter discussing the relationship between his book 'Final Events' and Nigel Kerner's thesis on the book's blog:



New article published in New Dawn Magazine

29th May 2010

Nigel Kerner has written an article defining his thesis on the alien phenomenon in New Dawn Magazine's Special Issue (no. 12 July 2010). The special issue is entitled: 'The Enduring Enigma of the UFO." The magazine is available at Newsagents in Australia and New Zealand. The article is entitled "Grey Aliens & the Harvesting of Souls'.



Nigel Kerner's new book 'Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls' is now released.

20th January 2010

The book is published by the distinguished and widely respected publisher Bear & Company/ Inner Traditions, one of the oldest and largest publishers of books exploring the interface between scientific and spiritual issues.


Endorsements of 'Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls'

Nick Redfern

Author of Final Events: Alien Abductions, the Government, and the Afterlife

"Nigel Kerner's shocking new book totally redefines the nature of the alien presence on our planet. In a detailed study that is certain to send shock-waves throughout the world of UFO research, Kerner offers a terrifying theory to explain the presence of the so-called extraterrestrial Greys on our world. Far from being the benevolent visitors that many alien-abductees believe them to be, in reality they are cold and clinical creatures whose stark and terrible task is to reap and manipulate our very life-force: the human soul, for purposes both nefarious and ominous. A book that should, and must, be read."


Karma One

© Interview Karmapolis - June 2009

"Nigel Kerner is definitively the most original author writing about the extraterrestrial intrusion phenomenon. Uniquely he offers an insight into the Grey alien agenda with humanity based upon an understanding of the existential base on which we and they exist."