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Image of book cover 'Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of SoulsGrey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls

The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity


  • Exposes the agenda behind the bio-robotic grey aliens' genetic manipulation of certain human races.

  • Reveals the Grey's nature as sophisticated self-aware machines created by a long vanished extraterrestrial civilization.

  • Explains how their quest to capture human souls appears in the historical record from biblical times.

  • Explains how the phenomenon of racism is a by-product of their genetic tampering.

In 1997 Nigel Kerner first introduced the notion of aliens known as Greys coming to Earth, explaining that Greys are sophisticated biological robots created by an extraterrestrial civilization they have long since outlived. In this new book Kerner reveals that the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls. Through the manipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls and, thereby, escape the entropic grip of the material universe in favor of the timeless realm of spirit.

Kerner explains that genetic manipulation by the Greys has occurred since biblical times and has led to numerous negative qualities that plague humanity, such as violence, greed, and maliciousness. Racism, he contends, was developed by the aliens to prevent their genetic experiments from being compromised by breeding with others outside their influence. Examining historical records, Kerner shows that Jesus, who represented an uncorrupted genetic line, warned his disciples about the threat posed by these alien interlopers, while Hitler, a pure product of this alien intelligence, waged genocide in an attempt to rid Earth of all those untouched by this genetic tampering. Despite the powerful grip the Greys have on humanity, Kerner says that all hope is not lost. Greys exist wholly in the material world, so if we follow the spiritual laws of reincarnation and karma, aiming for enlightenment and rising above the material--a state the Greys are unable to reach--we can free ourselves from their grasp.


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Praise for 'Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls'
by Nick Redfern, author of Final Events: Alien Abductions, the Government, and the Afterlife.

 Nigel Kerner's shocking new book totally redefines the nature of the alien presence on our planet. In a detailed study that is certain to send shock-waves throughout the world of UFO research, Kerner offers a terrifying theory to explain the presence of the so-called extraterrestrial Greys on our world. Far from being the benevolent visitors that many alien-abductees believe them to be, in reality they are cold and clinical creatures whose stark and terrible task is to reap and manipulate our very life-force: the human soul, for purposes both nefarious and ominous. A book that should, and must, be read. 

Image of book cover 'The Song of the GreysThe Song of the Greys

Of all the humanoid alien types that feature in reports of sightings and abductions,
the most common is "the Grey" - smooth and sallow-skinned, small in stature, spindly and thin.


  • Who are they?

  • Where do they come from?

  • What do they want from us?

Nigel Kerner began his research into the UFO phenomenon in response to a question asked by his young son Darren, 'Dad, what are UFOs? . When he discovered, to his horror, that many thousands of people were affected by the terrifying experience of alien abduction, Kerner felt compelled to look for more answers. 'The Song of the Greys' was the final result of years of research into the subject. During the course of this research, Kerner found that it was impossible to understand the UFO phenomenon in isolation from other fields of enquiry. Science, philosophy, ancient history and the study of ancient religious texts were all, it seemed, intimately connected to the subject.

'The Song of the Greys' makes a unique contribution to our understanding of the alien phenomenon. Kerner uses cutting edge scientific research and rigorous logical analysis to explain not only the alien agenda with humanity but also their origin. Few books discuss the origin of these alien interlopers. Generally speaking, those that do discuss it can only explain it through recourse to other dimensions of reality. Kerner in contrast, traces alien origins from within our own physical universe and our own dimension of existence. Uniquely, Kerner suggests that the Grey aliens are not in possession of any connection to that which is beyond the physical. They do not have what is termed in common parlance 'a soul'. He postulates that their incessant involvement with humanity is driven by a search for that very thing they lack, a soul, a connection beyond the physical universe.

'The Song of the Greys', bears no resemblance however to a religious tract or treatise. Modern quantum physics points to a reality beyond the purely physical. As each year passes, scientists are finding that more and more of their 'sacred cows', taught to schoolchildren and presented by the media to the general public as 'scientific truths', are actually far from water-tight. Current research, particularly in the fields of cosmology and physics, seems to throw up many more questions than answers. Fully aware of the vested interest and contrivance that has formed the philosophical and metaphysical consensus of most religious institutions, Kerner feels that the answers do not lie in these either. Through scientific, secular- based reasoning Kerner's thesis arrives at the conclusion that there has to be a non-physical reality and that that reality (converse to expectation) is actually the dominant reality. He postulates that the great teachers of the past such as, Christ, Buddha, and Mohammed, simply came to affirm this dominance and point out the inferiority of the physical reality when set against it. It is only in ancient original texts, many of which have been thrown out by organized religion, that this affirmation can be clearly seen. Uniquely, Kerner identifies the common ground shared not only by the central theses of all the major religious teachers but also with developments at the cutting edge of cosmology and quantum physics.

Unlike most authors discussing the alien phenomenon (with the notable exception of Professor David Jacobs), Nigel Kerner identifies the alien agenda as entirely detrimental to the interests of humanity. We are, it seems, helpless against what amounts to an alien invasion into our lives. People are abducted and assaulted by grey alien kidnappers and there is absolutely nothing, it seems, that they can do about it. However, if you read the book you will find that within its pages lie the keys to retrieving something glorious through a process initiated in our state of atoms in this universe. A process alluded to in the words and examples of the great religious teachers of the past.


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