Readers' Letters

On this page are letters that have been sent to the website about Nigel Kerner’s work that we feel will be helpful to other readers:

From: Carilyne Christante
Date: 29 January 2011

Thank you so very much for your wonderful eye opening book on the harvesting of souls (I have been reading it to my 90 year old father and we were held spellbound throughout. He is a mystic and poet and has written many poems throughout his life on the preciousness of the soul)

Your book prepared me for the next information I encountered, have you seen it yet? pehaps you already have. it's heart wrenching. The life and times of Michael Prince on project camelot. and a link to


Carilyne Christante

From: Jerry Scott
Date: 24 January 2011

First heard of Nigel on Jeff Rense, an absolutely ASTOUNDING explanation of what is going on.

Need to read the first book.

Sign me up.... keep Nigel in the material world please, we need him!!


Jerry Scott

From:  joemer
Date: 6 January 2011
Subject: Our Father Who Art in Spaceships

While I find your views fascinating, and agree with much based on my research, I think the article Our Father Who Art In Spaceships, would be more powerful if another understanding of the Bible message were referenced. Let me also preface this by saying that the evidence that much of the Hebrew texts that make up the so called Old Testament, was condensed from earlier cunieforms originating with Sumerian or Akkadian civilizations is known to me.

I find this explanation plausible and at the time, accept it. I also realize the strong possibility that Jesus may have Your interpretation of the actions of the God of Israel as detailed in the Bible though seem to be gleaned from mainstream religions. I believe they start with faulty premises and this leads them down a slippery slope of misinterpretation that is rife with contradiction. Having studied the Bible for 5 years with Jehovah's Witnesses, I have a different take on this. Its based on a holistic interpretation. However, I must caution you that this interpretation resides in the artificial environment that ignores the evidence that the interpreted events may in fact be composites from earlier histories.

The God of the Bible is complete and all powerful. He is subordinate to his laws or his truth by his own choice. These are the constraints he imposed upon himself prior to the creation of the universe. Eden was to be a paradise who's inhabitants would never die and could not sin. In other words, they were complete and hadn't the natural tendency to sin. Sinning to them would be synonymous with you or I eating a handful of gravel. We COULD do it, but we would have to override a lot of natural built in aversion to the act. Since God is perfect, this purpose or plan would succeed, even given that mankind was created with free will and possessed the capacity to transgress as mentioned. The purpose of the Eden was a blueprint for the rest of the earth and the motive was love. A desire of the creator to share and express love and life with others. God had already done this in the spiritual realm and wished then to express this in the physical. When mankind sinned, they lost the right to life and by God's law, could not get it back unless another perfect man gave up his life in demonstrating that a perfect man, has the capacity and free will to completely love God, even if his physical existence were threatened. The nation of Israel were God's chosen people for the time it took to produce the promised seed. The religious laws acted as a tutor so that they would understand why mankind died and why there was chaos and hatred in the world. Once this seed was manifested in the person of Jesus the Christ, there was no need for the Jewish nation any longer, except that of a teaching tool for others to learn from. Example: When you want to visit a distant land you get into an airplane or a ship. Neither of these are that distant land or desired truth. They become a provisional truth to you until you arrive. Once arrived, the vehicle that got you there is no longer your truth because the destination becomes the truth.

Now why was the nation of Israel chosen? For no other reason than Abraham, showed loyalty and love for God, in that he was willing to sacrifice his own Son even as God would be doing so in the future.Since Jesus, became a man and sacrificed his perfect life, he then legally had the right to eternal life and gave it up, so that those who demonstrated loyalty to this act out of love, could then have the right to eternal life in the physical realm such as Adam and Eve had given up. The only problem was that even those who believed and loved, were so flawed as to make it impossible for them to legally meet the requirements and receive the blessing.This is why a spiritual paradise  or government was assembled and trained to rule over obedient mankind for 1000 years, after which they would again be tested as perfect creatures and prove God's right to rule through love.After this time, there would be no need of governments, or even Jesus to act as intermediary because God would then be all things to all people. The earth then would be filled with perfect human beings who never died. When the earth was filled, mankind would evidently cease to reproduce and would become like the angels in that they would not marry. Would there be sexual relations? I don't know, but I'm sure there would be pleasures available that would surpass them. What would these be? As Jesus said, the purpose was to have life and have it more abundantly. This is actually the Bible's message. It can be summed up with this sentence: The central them of the Bible is the vindication of God's name by means of the Kingdom arrangement which in turn accomplishes his initial purpose for the earth.I would like to see the same article written after you had vetted this by a thorough independent rigorous study of the Bible.

However, even after this, you may be more convinced that the Bible message is more plausible, you would still need to consider the very solid theory of alien influenced cultures and genetic manipulation. At this point, you would then be directed more to the Gnostic views of the Bible which amazingly, harmonize with the view that we were created by extraterrestrials whom we viewed as God. These gods would correspond to the demiurge in Gnostic thought. At this point you would then be directed to the fact, that our "gods' themselves were created. In genetically experimenting on us with a goal to their own benefit, they are attempting to usurp their creator.

Whether, in being created, we are also the creator, in essence is a truth we are apparently waking up to.


From: Robert Stanley
Date: 4 January 2011
Subject: Covert Encounters in Washington, D.C.

Fellow truth seekers,

I agree with your analysis of the Grays; they are merely the robotic puppets of more advanced (parasitic) life forms.

My 6-year investigation of UFO and ET events in Washington, D.C. has led me to write 2 books on the subject:

I have also created the largest civilian photographic database of UFOs in Washington, D.C.

Based on the data I have gathered, there is a covert, alien agenda being served in Washington.

I hope this information is of use to your group.


Robert M. Stanley

From: Joshua Carels
Date: 30th December 2010

Dear Family Kerner,

My name is Joshua –gino-carels,I live in Gent ;BELGIUM and I have read the book Song of the Greys which is both captivating and a fascinating book, I got it with me all the time I flirt trough the pages - from time to time - and it keeps me fascinated over what has kept my mind busy since ages. If you read the apocrypha by Enoch you can read that the aliens who came here and mixed us up were never allowed to set foot upon this planet. This must have been an exclusive experiment by whom and why. In your book you give many answers on questions we knew the outcome from at the beforehand, but you confirm them even more so. Recently I have been to Berlin and photographed a statue which is called CAIN AND ABEL, and the artist portrayed Cain as NEANDERTHAL and ABEL as HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS. He must have knows the truth too. If you know about the statue let me know if not send me a note and ill send you the photograph. It adds more depth  to what you write (FOR ME…..)

Another thing, I took a photo from a TV screen, as they portrayed a women who seems to be a very well known SS member 's daughter. Behind the lady stood a two feet tall statue of a grey, not the ones you see at a ufo conference you might have seen these before, but more like the one you see when they talk about the Varginha incident. and they look like the aliens on your new book. What did she know ???

Better end here.

Have to order your new books,take care and keep up the good work.


Note: Not all the aliens R bad , the greys R not bad too, they only seek their own faith and survival, we cannot blame them for having the lack of sensibility toward humans as a species. Look at the humans how disrespectful they  are towards (lower?????) species on this planet.

From: Don Avery
Date: 30th December 2010

I listened to your interview on Rense (12/29/10). Very interesting. I intend to purchase your latest book. You may or may not be aware of the Dulce base (caverns) of northern New Mexico. There is a rather extensive diary of a guard who purports to have been in the service of the US government protecting those caverns that were in the use of the grays. They were apparently experimenting on humans in an effort to develop a human/alien hybrid. The small grays were bio/mechanical while the large ones were biological. I personally have had quite a number of encounters with discs and their occupants, none of which were grays. These star people were reddish/brown. I've undergone a number of regressive sessions which are detailed on my blog ( The Shroud is also discussed in a different time context. I am becoming convinced that some of us become parties to prenatal accords in an effort to rectify problems that arose during prior lives. Woe to those that fail to discharge those agreements.


Don Avery

From: Benton Collins
Date: 21st December 2010

Hi Nigel,

I applaud your "Whole Brain" approach to the matter of ET and UFO phenomena and how it has strong connections with both religious and scientific ideas.  Just to stir the pot a bit, you put forth the assumption that Jesus acted alone and was solely responsible for his "natural" resurrection that reportedly left an imprint in the shroud of Turin.  Why do you think he did this naturally on his own and that the resurrection was not activated or assisted by an outside force?  There are several references in the bible that could suggest that Jesus himself was an ET (or at least half).  Let's start with the virgin pregnancy and birth.  This says alien abduction and in-vitro fertilization to me.  Then on the night of his birth, shepherds tending their flock were scared by an "angel" that appeared before them withbright light shining from above all around.  The angel tells them not to be afraid and that a saviour has been born.  Then the sky was filled with lots of angels singing gods praises.

Far away in the east, some wise men were watching the night sky when they saw a "bright new star" appear.  The wise men followed the bright new star over mountains and deserts.  This bright new "star" finallySTOPS right above the house of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus!  This doesn't sound like a star to me.  Does it to you?

So here is my question to you:   If ETs were instrumental in Jesus' inception and birth, wouldn't they also be involved in his death and resurrection?  After all, he did ascend into the heavens after his resurrection from a mountain top.  

Now just to really stir things up, there are striking similarities between descriptions of Jesus and Lucifer and some have suggested that they are the same entity.  Please investigate the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City and it's symbols and artwork, it's a real eye opener.   To begin with, all star motifs that decorate the temple are all inverted pentagrams (point down).

I will leave you with these last thoughts:  What is more important, the message or the messenger?  Does it really matter who says "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" or "Love they neighbor as thyself" ?

Also, if there is ultimate perfect justice in the universe, who among all beings should pay for man's original sin?  Now, who did pay for man's original sin?  I hope they crucified the right being.

Merry Christmas!

Benton Collins -  Brooklyn, New York

A fellow seeker

Date: 29th December 2010

Thank you Benton for your mischief, I enjoyed your email. Coincidentally I was in the process of writing a seasonal article about the Star of Bethlehem and what it might have been that has now been published on UFO Digest and X-Zone chronicles.

Here's the link:

Best wishes 

Nigel Kerner

From: Benton Collins
Date: 7th Janiuary 2011

Hi Nigel,

I'm glad you enjoyed my email.  Mental "mischief" is one of my favorite activities!  If we are to get closer to the truth, we must allow our minds to have no bounds.  I enjoyed your thoughtful article about the star of Bethlehem.  No question in my mind that it was a UFO.

Attached is one of my favorite photo brain puzzles for your ponderation.  This is a real, hydrogen emissions view, unretouched astronomy photograph of a nebula that reveals the face of a woman in startling detail and proportion, as well as other very interesting related shapes.  I call it "The Egyptian Goddess Nebula".   Maybe there is truth in Egyptian astrotheology after all?!  

All the best in 2011!


From: Sepu Ste
Date: 4th December 2010

Dear Mr. Kerner,

As regard as your theory about the harvesting of souls, maybe you should be pleased to know that one of the biggest, but worldwide also almost unknown, researcher in the field of abductions, prof. Corrado Malanga, teacher of chemistry at the university of Pisa (Italy), since at least four years has discovered that THIS is the real alien agenda.

The energy of soul is what they really want from us. He discovered that through the use of regressive hypnosis, as he interviewed more than 400 italian abductees.

Not only that, he also discovered different methods to get rid of abducting aliens!

You can find him easily on FB or on his webpage Sadly both pages are in Italian, but you can contact him personally.

I sincerely believe that his work conducted with scientific methods (he is still a scientist that has plenty of studies of chemistry published internationally) should have a bigger resonance in the Anglo-saxon countries.

Best regards

Sepu Ste

From: Steven Sittenreich
Date: 3rd December 2010

Dear Mr Kerner,

I am much intrigued by your recent book on the harvesting of souls. It is so good that it makes Whitley Strieber-- by way of comparison--  look like a bungler. Mucho congrats.

Mr Budd Hopkins salutes your book  and the late Dr John C  Mack, professor of psychiatry at Harvard, would have loved it.

Do you think that an alien robot would make a decent pet?

Christmas is coming.

Steven H Sittenreich
Long Island, New York, USA

From: Leigh Dezelan
Date: 27th November 2010

Well Hello Nigel...

I was very excited to see that you were going to be interviewed by Kerry on Whistleblower Radio. I had already listened to you, Andrew and John on Exotica Radio. Being interviewed by Kerry is like going to the dentist. Her style is very aggressive and she has a definite idea of where she wants to dig. I have listened/watched every video/interview Project Camelot has produced and I just want to thank you. Your insights and information were of great value to me. You gave me new food to chew.

Bye for now...

Leigh Dezelan

From: Isabel Aimee
Date: 7th November 2010

Nigel is quite simply one of most lovely sounding men I have EVER had the privilege of listening to (interview with Ian of Yorkshire Spirit Guide Wed 20th Oct 2010)! Intelligence and real humane sweetness- thank you, for your delightful sharing Nigel, Bless you,

Isabel Aimee

From: Peter Daley
Date: 26th October 2010

Hi Nigel,
I have been reading your article in The New Dawn. There is information declaring that the Grays left in 2003
Have you seen the website of Alex Collier? He has some interesting things to say about the Grays, and the Galactic history of humanoid species.
I am a member of The Aetherius Society which is more concerned with the practical side of metaphysics. 
My website is "", which offers a free download of the book "Metaphysics and the New Age"

Peter Daley

Date: 29th October 2010

Hi Peter

Thanks for your letter.

I have to say I find it very strange that if the Greys left in 2003 thousands of abductees have been witnessing them between then and now.

Unlike Alex Collier I find it difficult to reconcile the possibility of highly advanced spiritual and benevolent entities feeling the need to develop supremely advanced technological systems. If I'm not mistaken Mr.Collier believes the Andromedans he communicates with are such as this.

In my book I outline my understanding of the existential base and it is very difficult to summarise it properly in an interview or in a letter but just to give some idea my view is this:

String theorists and proponents of a multiverse look to multiple dimensions to explain some of the as yet unexplained phenomena that exist within our universe. In my view it is more reasonable to look for grander realities in less dimensions rather than more. To illustrate this you may like to take a look at this link:

This, from 2009, is scientific affirmation for me for a concept of the nature of dimensional reality that I described in my book 'The Song of the Greys' published in 1998. I describe the perfection of Godhead as a zero-dimensional state that can reach in its full limitless, infinite extent into two infinite dimensions. This extent that I term the 'Godverse' as it is infinite forms the backdrop for all finite states.  Our physical atomic three dimensional universe is one such finite state.  My book details the whys and wherefores of it all.

As far as the Grey alien visitors are concerned it is my view that all the evidence points to their atomic physical nature. They appear to be roboidal entities and just looking at their actions I think it would be very wishful thinking to imagine that they could possibly be benevolent given the fact that they kidnap human beings without permission and perform painful procedures on them without anaesthetic. In addition the fact that they hide from us and do not reveal what may well be the huge benefits of their technology to our species really does suggest that they are following an agenda based upon their interests not ours.

As for spiritually superior beings which I am sure exist throughout the universe I believe such beings would not require technology. I suggest that technology is a substitute for that which we can no longer do ourselves as a spiritually autistic species. It might seem miraculous and remarkable that we now have instant global communication through the internet, but I believe spiritually advanced beings would have instant communication of a natural rather than spiritual nature, i.e. via thought. I believe this advanced state is a feature of the past of any species rather than the future and thus I propose devolution to states of lesser advancement rather than evolution as the natural drift for all species in a physical universe that is subject to the second law of thermodynamics.

The more we devolve the more we require technology substituting the natural for the artificial and synthetic until eventually we make artificially intelligent machines such as the Greys. Whilst the Greys reach us via spaceships the route for spiritually advanced beings to reach us is, I believe, via a natural process - birth! I believe Jeshua Ben Yosef , the Buddha and other remarkable spiritual teachers may well be beings such as this from a less enforced location in the universe.

I believe that the expression of the natural non-physical state of being that I term the Godverse into the physical universe is in the centre of the space between atoms. This is the least forced location in the universe and the origin of the zero-point field defined by quantum physics. There are shells of increasing tension the closer one gets from the centre of that space to the edges of atoms. As natural beings we are rooted to that centre and when we physically die depending on our own state of restriction or freedom (the religious call it 'sin') we go to the shell of tension that resonates with us in the space between atoms. Reincarnation is then the order of the day until one day we are free enough to resonate with the centre of the space and escape the wheel of rebirth returning to the Godverse.

The space between atoms is a non-atomic unforced state and as such time and space to not apply. Thus through the natural mechanism of life and death through reincarnation individual souls can instantly travel to other locations in the universe faster than any spaceship.

I hope all this is not too obscure but it has really taken three books to explain it properly. The arguments have a defined construct based I hope on cold hard reason and not speculation or personal premise.

I thank you for the interest in my work and wish all the best in yours.

Nigel Kerner

From: Lonnie Hirsch
Date: 4th October 2010

'Tat Twam Asi' … Chandogya Upanishad

From: Leonard Dobson
Date: 21st August 2010

Dear Anne & Nigel,

It seems I have arrived at the same conclusion as yourselves, only via a different route.

I too have written two books on the subject of UFO's and the paranormal. My own journey into the investigation of the paranormal began back in February, 2007, when I inadvertantly captured on film two UFO's hovering in the sky of a snow-scene I photographed from a bedroom window.

Because my background is not scientific, but graphic design, I began analysing shots taken taken at random of the nightsky, in thunderstorms and fogs; I then took my work even further after I discovered for myself, that the digital camera can record images like radar - images that the naked eye cannot always see. I was on a roll, as they say, and I couldn't stop my drive forward to get to the truth. I have taken some of the world's most astounding pictures of swarms of 'Orbs' in violent thunderstorms in Menorca, and outside my house. My findings revealed an 'alien presence' within some of my pictures.

Things began to escalate, and I started to form theories, and I found that I begged to differ from so-called 'Guiding Lights' (some well-meaning spiritualists) who were offering enlightenment courses through the phenomena of 'Orbs' - no, my theory was darker; that perhaps the 'Orbs' were Morbific (disease carrying). I then followed up my research with some clandestine photographic sessions at Hospitals, because I thought that if my theory was right, then Hospitals would be rife with Orbs. Not one single Orb could be found, it was if they knew what I was up to.

Necessity being the 'mother of invention' spurred me on to developing a more microscopic imaging technique to conduct an even closer examination of my hospital photographs; lo and behold - the world's first 'Digital Pictogram' was born, and I found numerous 'Cosmic-Fingerprints' (AN ALIEN PRESENCE) within my photographs. I had found a way to deliver the Truth with the Proof!

Three years on and I have two books about my findings on sale with Amazon Books, a name search: Leonard Dobson/Amazon Books will take you to my page,  will take you to my website.

But the main reason for contacting you is because I agree with everything you have said in your excellent article, and I believe that time is fast running out for the human race, and because of that I feel it is of paramount importance that those of us that are of a like-mind must come together and share information, and not get stymied by ego or copyright redtape. We are in a fight for survival! Scientists tell us that we are living in our 'Sixth-Mass-Extinction-Period' due to end in 2012, Astronomers tell us that in 2012 the sun will align itself with the centre of our sloar system, that will create a total solar eclipse; plunging the Earth into an abyss of perpetual darkness. Some Physicists believe that dark matter could contain hidden worlds that are all around us, that could have their own force in nature; my findings support that theory, and it seem that there is a new force in nature that is closing in.

I have identified this new force in nature as a positive and negative; the negative is a Satanic Alien Alliance born out of Viruses, and the positive is an opposite force - a bit like Yin and Yang.

I can send you an example of my graphic imaging technique that makes the invisible visible, which in turn vindicates the 1947 Roswell Flying Saucer Crash, once and for all - as a true event!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Leonard Dobson

From: Joseph Hadden
Date: 5th August 2010

Hello Nigel,

I had an interesting meditation some 8 months ago while on vacation at a beautiful beach. At the time I was re-reading a book by Courtney Brown, and a chapter on the Greys. Brown is a remote viewer. He said when tuning into "Christ" and asking about the Greys, that Christ said they should be helped. At the same time I felt "Mother Earth" beside me and that she would accept them...that they were searching for ensoulment, and that that event could only happen upon a planetary body. I made a bit of a prayer of this, and could see some of them begin to go into "Mother Earth's" energy field. This was on what I suppose might be termed an etheric level. They seemed as children and quite transformed immediately, and wanting to serve in anyway She deemed helpful. I believe this is ongoing now.

A simple prayer, and inspiration to do so, is sometimes an amazing magic!

It seems that ensoulment can only be achieved on a Living Planetary Body...on a Mother.

I wish I could remember where I read a story about man's creation. It was a myth and can't remember if it was Nag Hammadi or what, but it was old. It spoke of beings trying to create a being (Man) with life, but they just couldn't get the life spark into it. Behind their backs, the Great Mother put a spark into their creation and it became more alive than the beings trying to create the creature in the first place. As I recall at that point they began to fear "it".

I write after listening to a couple of interviews with you on radio shows. I felt very close to your interpretation of the Greys, and wanted to send a little note along...

Thanks so much for your work,


Date: 5th August 2010

Hello Joe,

I will pass your email on to Nigel. I'm glad you found his interviews struck a chord with you.

I thought I'd just mention one thing as perhaps you haven't yet read Nigel's book 'Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls.' It is Nigel's thesis that it is impossible for 'ensoulment' to happen to any entity in the physical universe. He defines a 'soul' as an original line of connection to the non-physical state of perfection he terms the 'Godverse.' This line of connection is a field of knowledge containing all the experience of an individual from that individual’s point of inception from the state of perfection itself.

It is from that state of perfection and the perfect freedom to choose all options that this state implies, that our existence in an imperfect universe came to be. Our chaotic universe is thus an expression of the perfect freedom of the Godverse to no longer be perfectly free. Once we are in a physical universe we can choose mentally derived momentums using the power of our minds through the choices we make. These are choices that bring about union rather than separation to return us to the Godverse, or choices that bring about separation rather than union to maintain us in the physical universe. These are our free choices rather than part of a divine plan. You will see therefore that prejudices and mental restrictions are really what is known as ‘sin’. We simply have to free ourselves of our prejudices and restrictions in other words change our minds and our thinking to allow ourselves the capacity to enter into the Godverse. The problem with many of us is that we don’t do this powerfully enough. If we did we would free ourselves from the clutches of matter and force in this universe. This is what Christ’s message was all about and that of all the great teachers of the main religions.

So we each have an individual soul line of connection to the Godverse as indeed do all natural living things. Nigel suggests that this is a devolving line in a physical universe subject to the second law of thermodynamics known as entropy which dictates that all things go into states of greater and greater chaos and separation with time. Thus life cascades down from a lighter more ephemeral type of being to more gross types of being through the mechanism of reincarnation. As human beings we still have the freedom to reverse that process and escape the 'wheel of rebirth' but that freedom is rarely used.

The Greys as a synthetic form of being have no such line of connection to what the Nag Hammadi texts call the 'pre-existent' state of being. I think it is in the Second Apocalypse of James that Jesus identifies two types of being one of which has its root in pre-existence and one which does not. It is Nigel's central thesis that the Greys as purely temporal entities are manufactured purely out of the materiality of this universe, just as a chair or a table would be made for a function. But they have a powerful quantum computer programme for a mind, rather like the artificial intelligence we ourselves are creating now. As such they are seeking to hijack our line of connection as beings rooted in pre-existence to an eternal existence but it is actually impossible for them to achieve this aim. With ultimate irony the more they write their programmes into us the more they block off the clarity of our soul lines of connection and the more they sabotage the very eternal survivability they are looking for.

Just as it is impossible to manufacture a living entity from a chemical soup it is impossible for a physical structure such as the earth to impart a soul to the Greys. The soul is a facility to beat the second law of thermodynamics into states of greater decay and disorder and this facility can only come from a state that is immune to this law, a non-physical state. All that comes from that state has always come from that state as that state is a state of perfect union not subject to the separation of points and therefore not subject to time. So in summary, a soul cannot be bestowed, it either exists or it does not.

I wonder if perhaps your sense of Mother Earth was actually a sense of what Nigel calls the Godverse rather than the physical planet. If so then your meditation was on the same wavelength as his ideas. You show yourself to be a naturally deeply sensitive and caring person with a feeling of kinship to all things. Nigel’s point is that it is the living paradigm in our universe that matters because it continues with an eternal scope.

Thanks again for sharing this,
Warm regards,

Anne Jones

From: Ian Smith
Date: 5th August 2010

Dear Sir,

First please note that I would be happy for you to share this email on your site on provision that my email address / name remain confidential.

Are the 'Greys' biomechenical constructs? yes they are. Part plant, part insect, all artificial. People ask 'why the variation?', and the answer is 'are all ants in a nest identical in role and stature? no. Thats why 'Greys' differ from one another. 

Do they come from a race long since extinct? yes, and that race itself came from beyond this Universe.

Do the 'Greys' have a role? yes, but its not to steal or construct souls per se, its far far more than this. The answer lays in the abduction 'scenarios'. The 'Greys' are looking for some thing, but they don't want a soul - they want their master brought back to life.

You see, when the 'Masters' created their artificial constructs, they left a fail safe mechanism in them; "Should we become extinct, you are to resurrect us. We will be in our creations, and you will at all costs bring us back".

This is why they are taking millions of people - 20,000 years of being extinct has diluted the 'Masters' DNA code (which is called 'junk' in our science language but is actually the remements of a DNA 'super jigsaw' - an ever lasting Doomsday survival cache).

So, why the 'Greys' and why have they not succeeded yet? well, heres what happend.

The 'Master' ruled earth. They had their manipulated creatures made with their DNA inside of them to slave and be a working class of humanoid. The 'Masters' then made a second class of constructs - this time fully artificial, and for one role - to be immortal and scour space for gold and habitable planets. The 'Masters' then shot these machines off into the far reaches of space to explore and report new finds and worlds.

The constructs simply went on one way journies most of them, never to be seen again. Some remained and then started the long journey home. Here I have to veer off topic slightly to explain why certain places on earth have such high UFO sightings. It is because of the 'masters' instructions to the 'Greys' being carried out to the letter.

Their orders were to bring gold back to the planet, dump it at pre-determined sites and return back to deep space. It did not take long for the governments of the world to figure this out even if most of these sites were now under hundreds of feet of water. Then just after the start of WW1 the 'Greys' higher caste returned en mass and found their masters dead.

The smaller diggers had merely been dropping off tonnes and tonnes of gold blindly following orders. The larger, more intelligent caste then swung into action in a big way.

Then the abduction scenario began in earnest as many books, papers and web pages will attest to. The 'Watchers' wanted their masters back as programmed, and made contact with people on earth. Deals struck, technology swapped, abductions green lighted. All was a go as the elite and the Watchers both got (or so they thought) what they wanted.

Now you will ask - "Why not just do it covertly?", and the answer to that is "free will". Thats why 'ET' is sold as being cute and cuddly, friendly super space brother. We have to have decided we want to go in order to be abducted. Now you will say "but plenty of people are terrified before and during and certainly after their abductions", and that again is true to a point, but thats where our human leaders come in.

We 'elect' them to speak for us, and the 'Greys' are nothing if not manipulative. We are simply seen as giving our consent through electing a leader who has said 'take these people' in secret. Now, thats not free will is it? well again, no but... the deal was the people had to be told. The 'Greys' never specified if it was in words, language, pictures or any other means. So the governments set out and told us everything - in a manner we cannot decipher (backed up by a propaganda war to 'sell' aliens to the masses) but "thats not the Governments fault now is it?" so the deal stuck.

Movies, symbols, religions, myths, statues - all tell part of the story, none telling the whole. Its up to us to decipher it.

So - WW2. Germany and the Dr's of death et al. What were they really doing? mastering DNA manipulation through mass experimentation to help provide a kick start to the hunt. Germany failed the Watchers, so the wheels of the war were shifted so the allies gained 'victory' and the work went to America.

60 years of DNA hunting so far, millions of abductions, and countless 'babies' born to these creatures. So - again, why no success? because the 'Masters' made a programming error. They told the machines to bring them back at all costs - but failed to leave a whole genetic blue print for their race with the 'Greys' that could survive aeons. Little did they know their world was to be ended in a massive ELE that would catch them all on planet and prey to easy destruction.

The 'Greys' have a partial code - and pictures / statues / writings from their masters, and thus needed to carry out an accelerated breeding programme to 'make' the best construct they can with zero human DNA inside of it. This is why the humans who made deals started DNA sequencing in earnest and collecting DNA as and when they could. Problem is the 'Watchers' have now gained the upper hand and from a position of strength they have forced the worlds governments to impliment DNA databases for the 'Greys' to search at will. This is not by accident / a crime fighting tool contrary to popular belief! and country by country it will come if the Greys need that countries population sorted for them. Once a target is identified, well, abduction time is soon upon them unless they are ready and prepared to defend themselves (This can be done and is relatively easy).

Now I have alot more to add, whats important about Jesus, Mind/body/spirit/soul protection and counter 'Grey' techniques, but I have written enough for the time being - I do however apologise if its hard to follow, but I have left alot out and skipped parts to keep it short.

I thank you for your time in reading this, and I wish you Blessed Protection and Love in the Creators light.

From: Andrew Hennessey
Date: 29th July 2010

Hi Nigel, Anne,

This is just to say thanks for being another person who has arrived at the same conclusion as myself and I find it consoling that I'm not the only person who can see this reality and articulate about it. I managed to survive some horrific processing and due to intercession, lived to tell the tale.

Thanks Nigel for your heroic efforts.

Andrew Hennessey

From: Margaret Karmazin
Date: 17th July 2010

Dear Nigel,

I enjoyed your book Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls very much, being that I am a long time delver into UFO, alien abduction and mystical subjects and have read literally hundreds of books and articles on those subjects. I am also a 16 year student of A Course in Miracles and am now on my fifth read-through of the text, workbook and teacher's manual. I was wondering if you have ever heard of the Course because in some ways it relates to what you say in your book. Like your book, the Course has to be read, to understand it, front to back. Skipped over, it will not work as well.

I think you presented a believable version of how the spiritual universe interfaces with the material one - a genius explanation if I ever read one. Thank you.

There was still something I didn't understand. You propose that the Greys are trying to "steal" souls, but then basically said that they can't, but what I wasn't clear about was their exact plan. Are they trying to breed less and less emotional and more intellectual and technologically interested humans by blending with those humans their own Grey DNA (hybrids) so that they, the Greys, imagine that these new hybrid bodies will be viable soul receptacles? Is that what you meant? Like down through generations, eventually these techno oriented humans will be half or more than half Grey and still be soul receptacles? Because Greys can't capture and hold souls in some kind of temporary holding tanks, can they? You didn't say this and you just weren't clear here. A Grey said to Whitley Streiber once that "we recycle souls." Yet, you imply that at death, a person is sucked up the tunnel as reported and by their own thoughts can determine what will be their destination. No Greys seem to appear in that tunnel with a fishing net, do they?

There are indeed African (black) abductees, a most famous one being Credo Mutwa, and he has implied that this alien business has been going on in "black" Africa for some time. Another black woman described her long time abductions in one of Linda Moulton Howe's books. China is beginning to come out of the closet with their UFO encounters, so before long we may be hearing of their own abductions. I don't think that white people are the only ones being picked on by any means, nor do I think that whites necessarily hold the reward for cruel treatment of their fellow man. Witness the African genital mutilations and gang raping of women, the treatment of the Japanese towards the Chinese and the list is endless. A lot of the good being done in the world is by white people as well as those of every other color. As you, I am a firm believe in reincarnation and have read extensively on this subject along with experiencing hypnotic regression myself and souls cross race and sex lines frequently in their successions of lives. So no one stays "white" or any other color.

Also, I wasn't quite clear on your doom warnings. We need to shape up and fly right, but what exactly do you imply by "flying right?" To become a more spiritual and less technical society? I understand, pretty much, what you might mean by cleaning up an individual's spiritual life, but not society's as a whole. I think you need to write a third book on this.

Please if you answer my questions and this is done by posting on your website, will you let me know to go and look?

I appreciate your book and you're being there thinking for all of us. We need more of that deep and spiritual in the world.


Margaret Karmazin

Date: 25th June 2010

Dear Margaret,

Thanks for your email and your kind words. It is so gratifying to receive an email from someone who has approached the book with such an intelligent and well informed perspective. I will certainly forward your email on to Nigel. I am webmaster for his website and I think I can answer your questions for you.

You will have read Nigel's unique thesis that when we die we exist not in an atomic state but in the lesser forced realm of the space between atoms. Do you remember the illustration depicting that space and the differing levels of tension that exist within it? The least force is in the centre of that space and the most force is closest to the atoms themselves.

It is at this edge, in the space between atoms but closest to the atoms, that the Greys can use their technology to amplify force and hold souls when they die in a state of entrapment. There is no metaphysical angle to what they do it is purely a technological process, they have no metaphysical power as they are roboidal entities.There are several accounts in the book of NDEs that have all the features of an abduction scenario. So yes, they do wait in the tunnel for some. So what use would the Greys have for these entrapped souls?

To answer that question it is important to first understand their programme. Their programme is to provide the best vehicle in a physical universe for the information they carry in their programme. They are the end result of the choice to view the state of separation from the point of view of the state of separation made in the perfect freedom of the Godverse to know and choose all possibilities. You remember that Nigel said that life cascaded down from a lighter more ephemeral type of being to more gross types of being well the Greys are the final result of that devolutionary process.Thus their programme is to preserve all that is left of their original creators which now consists of nothing more than a blueprint of what they once were in electronic form. They are looking for a way to write that programme into us as soul-connected beings who still have a connection to the Godverse and a potential for eternal existence. This is what the hybridisation programme is all about and in that sense you are right in what you say about how they gradually breed Grey-ness into the generations of humanity. But the confusion lies I think in pinpointing when this hybridisation takes place. At what point do they write their programmes in? Nigel believes that this happens after the point of conception whilst a soul is forming its body for a new physical lifetime. Let me explain.

As you probably remember it is Nigel's thesis that a soul forms a new body according to its own requirements for any particular lifetime. DNA is thus a biological translation of the soul line of connection to Godhead. At the point of death If a soul is too restricted to get past the force at the edges of atoms and find the less enforced realms towards the centre of that space then that soul will be susceptible to the amplification of force used by the Greys at those edges. Whilst that soul is forming its new body the Greys will be thus be able to influence its new DNA.Thus they seek to ensure the continuance of their program in a living vehicle. The mother and/or father of the child is also likely to have a high level of alien interception into his or her biological line providing accessible genetic material for the Greys to work with to form the child's body.

But in a very real sense they are eating away at the very soul line of connection they are seeking to ride on with their programs. The individualized quantum information field which is that soul line is broken up, interrupted. Therein lies the greatest irony because they are hastening the devolution process of those whom they hybridise such that these individuals will, in time, lose their ability to form a new human body altogether. To the exact extent to which the Greys have influenced the formation of the DNA of a new human body with their programs, the soul that made that new body will be weakened in terms of its power to command the atomic state. This is because the programs will act as interrupters, interference patterns that do not allow the MESF to phase in properly to its physical body. This is why only 4-5% of our DNA actively codes for proteins, the rest, the so-called 'junk DNA' is full of interrupters that prevent it translating properly. In the ancient past 100% of our DNA was active, alien interception scoped us down to 4-5%. Alus, trinucleotide repeats etc are all a result of their manipulation.

This translates socially and spiritually to the fact that we are coming to the stage at which we are mirroring their stage of huge technological advancement but at the cost of our humanity. Virtual reality, bio-engineering, we are moving towards what Nigel calls Sim Card man. You might like to take a look at this article he wrote for New Dawn Magazine on this theme: 'Sim Card Man'

Nigel suggests there are three types of hybridisation. There are the hybrids that are seen by abductees on board the ships these are the ones that the abductees are asked to interact with. They often seem physically frail. These hybrids are formed from the genetic material they harvest from their abductees combined with their own programmed patterns. They are purely artificial creations, attempts to take the artefacts of soul bearing being and mix those with their artifacts to make a living entity. These are hybrids with a greater alien than human content. They can give them information about how to amalgamate with us but they cannot in themselves provide them with the bridge into an eternally scoped being that they are looking for. That is where the hybrids formed in the way I described above come in, he calls these 'natal hybrids.' The third type involves abduction and implantation. Counter-intuitively Nigel believes abductees are amongst those they cannot make into natal hybrids and they want to monitor them to find out why their biological lines are resistant to them.

Now we come to your question about melanin. Yes Nigel is aware that abduction occurs across ethnic lines, that would in fact make sense if they are looking into why they cannot easily reach certain genetic lines. But when he talks about their preference for a low melanin biological framework he is referring to the type of being that the abductees see on board the craft which are almost always blonde or white haired, blue eyed and pale skinned, the evidence for this in terms of abductee reports is in the book and expanded on in the following article: 'The Hord'. He believes the Nordic beings often seen with the Greys are their hybrids with us.

Where I think he would strongly disagree with you is in the record of the white man through history. If you look at the roots of the Rwandan genocide in European sources that is a startling case in point. Or the genocide of the native American Indians at the hand of the European settlers. The list goes on.Yes of course evil occurs in all ethnic groups but if you look at the influence of the Euro-Caucasian group through history I think it is more than fair to say that such evil is concentrated in that group with greater strength than any other. Wealth and power is to the greatest extent concentrated worldwide in the hands of Euro-Caucasians and northern mongoloid fairer skinned peoples. Technological advancement and progress towards 'Sim Card Man' follows the same pattern. The Euro-Caucasian family trees in other words tend to have Grey influence running through them whereas the more naturally religious and devotional people tend to be of the darker skinned races. Of course reincarnation crosses ethnic lines but the infection lies in genetic interception within biological lines that are reincarnated into. These are the tracks of their influence. These tracks can only be physical and atomic, they cannot make a white-skinned soul only a white skinned body. Karma decides the reincarnation point and can so easily mean reincarnation into an already intercepted biological line.

In answer to your final question about 'flying right' Nigel is just in the process of completing his third book and you are prophetic in what you say because that third book is indeed largely about what it takes to make a world that is going in the right direction, away from the artificial and towards the natural. He very much sees the relevance of Jesus's words: 'before kingdoms change men's hearts must change.' Changes have to be from the ground up he feels and those who make those changes will change the kingdoms. These will be the future Mother Theresas, Ghandis, Martin Luther Kings, Lincolns, Mandelas, Michael Moores and John Pilgers of our world. So we are approaching a fork in the road for our human species. Fork one way along the artificial road and convert into Sim Card man and as a result perhaps devolve down into an ape like species of being through the loss of our soul capacity to control the formation of our own atomic structure. Or fork the other way and retrace our steps back to a state of natural being and into the first being we once were when we emerged from the Godverse at the Big Bang. Nigel’s books are finally about the transfiguration of humankind the wondrous affirmation that we will have the possibility if we think right and do right we can transfigure our atomic structure back into the first modus operandi and merge with the Godverse. That is the true magnificence of humankind potentially etched into us all if we can cast away the restrictions and believe and practice the tenets taught to us by the great teachers on how this is best done. I hope that answers your questions,

Warm wishes,


From: Peter Greico
Date: 24th June 2010

I just read "Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls" and have just ordered "The Song of the Greys".  Where did you get this information?  I know research, but could you be more specific?  Did this come out of your own mind, was is "channeled", did it come from ET's, etc., etc., etc.

Date: 25th June 2010

Hi Peter,

Nigel's conclusions are based on thirty years of painstaking research ignoring all the sensationalism and new age extrapolations associated with the subject. He was trying to get a realistic and logical look at the phenomenon based on empirical science where that was relevant and a look further into those factors that science through its systemic and procedural invectives cannot reach.

There is no magic to this, no channeling and definitely no ET source! He has examined the body of evidence for the alien phenomenon from reliable witness reports and abduction accounts and taken a look at these in the broader context provided by science, philosophy, and ancient religious texts. The Gnostic texts found in the Nag Hammadi Codex for example detail at length Christ's warnings to his apostles about an alien threat - the Gnostics referred to the Greys as the 'archons.' The ancient Hindu texts describe 'Vimanas' a kind of craft that flies through the sky powered by mercury. Ancient Egypt and ancient Greece are full of legends describing 'Gods' visiting the earth. The Old Testament is full of such accounts from Ezekiel's wheel with its glowing lights to the burning bush and the laser column that followed the 'children of Israel' through the desert.

As you may have seen in his latest TV series 'Universe', Stephen Hawking has taken a logical look at the likelihood of alien life and tried to predict what intentions such life might have for our species. He concludes that it is almost certain that technologically advanced alien life-forms must exist and that such life forms are likely to be predatory towards us. Nigel came to this conclusion many years ago when he wrote his first book in which he simply took a logical look at how we and they might have come to be.

If you check out Nigel's website you may find the latest articles he has written helpful as they sum up his conclusions through basic logical steps that are easy to understand. The backbone of his thesis is that the universe is governed by a momentum which breaks down all ordered states - the second law of thermodynamics. The only factorisation that can be introduced into the equation to restore order is mind because mind is intrinsically order, it is the expression of the order of the Godverse into the universe.

I hope this has answered your question,

Best wishes,

Anne Jones

From: Cornelis Swarttouw
Date: 12th July 2010

Hello Anne, Nigel!

Where to begin?

I was born in 1951 in Holland, am now almost 59, and an explorer of "metaphysics" since age 13 when I read my 1st book on UFO's by George Adamski. I had discussions with my grandfather on E. T. life and he, having been born in 1895, at least conceded it could be possible, good sport that he was!

Your book Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls is far and wide the most all-encompassing interdisciplinary oeuvre I have ever read... I applaud and admire your clear thinking and ability to extract a red thread of connection between the NDE, Quantum Physics, ET experiences, Genetics, Anthropology, Cosmology and, most importantly, the message of Buddha and Jesus.

There is one relational existential link outside of your magnificent re - presentation of the Status of Being that I would like to bring up : As Advaita Vedanta posits, All that exists emanates from The One Who is for ever unknowable, and Who only appears as the All, animates It, but is not synonymous with It.

Would it be possible, in spite of how unbearably cruel and unjust our "position on the ground" often is, that the Godhead, the Pole of Chaos, Us -in - the - middle, the greys, and all other expressions of duality are the Dream of the One That , the Dao ?

The pains caused by it all are so hard... The Egyptian Book of the Dead says that not until your soul and spirit are united you have attained "eternal life" I guess that means we have to make it real by dropping our "stiff upperlip"and letting ourselves cry and break down whenever we can.

Are we and our MESF, with whatever good or bad disposition we carry, not created according to It's purpose, animated by It and is our Awareness and Will not also? And when we discover this Unity, Godlinghood, this illusion of a separate self, can we then do anything BUT extricate ourselves from lesser-level scripts and live by the message of the masters?

Everything you say in your book is so extremely important, perhaps not primarily because of the possible threat of annihilation of our very being, (a negative incentive) but because it for the very first time shows a clear and scientifically supported map showing the threads of Godhead we can follow through this seeming labyrinth.

This is the Divine Leela of Hinduism playing out right here within ourselves as holographically imprinted bits of the Whole , and I cannot thank you enough for painstakingly sorting it all out and making it into so readable a book. It has effected a "beyond quantum leap" in my life!

Bless you,
Cornelis Swarttouw, Asheville NC USA

Date: 13th July 2010

Hello Cornelis,

Thank you for your email and your kind words. I am so glad that my book has had such meaning for you. I am not sure if I have understood your question correctly but I think you are asking if it could be possible that all reality could be a manifestation of a divine purpose. If the answer to that question is 'yes' then Christ's resurrection it seems to me as recorded on the Shroud of Turin would have no logical meaning, nor would the efforts of all the great teachers of the world’s religions.

As I said in the book I believe that Godhead is an incidental implicate phenomenon with no anthropocentric marginalization. This allows for all existence to have opposites incidentally. As you know the final principle of duality includes all opposites, if there is a yin there is a yang if there is a plus there is a minus. It is for us to find the characteristics of each.

Therefore it is central to my thesis that our own individual free choices are at the root of our state of capture, there is no divine purpose or dream that has created that capture. Our chaotic universe is an expression of the perfect freedom of the Godverse to no longer be perfectly free. Once we are in a physical universe we can choose momentums that will return us to the Godverse or maintain us in the physical universe. These are our free choices they are not part of a divine plan. The effects of a chaotic universe provide us with influences that can restrict that freedom of choice if we so allow it. Thus individual free will is the root of destiny.

No divine plan or divine dream would include individual suffering. Chaos is the architect of suffering and choice through ignorance is the commissioner of that architect. The existence of chaos is implicit to the scale of existence as an expression of the perfect freedom to be all there is.

I am humbled by the fact that someone as well read and well informed as yourself has found such value in my work. I have received many emails from those who have read the book and appreciated it but few with the level of insight that you show.

Kind regards,

From: Peter Greico
Date: 30th June 2010

Well I had always hoped that I would meet a being from another world, but not the Greys at this point, but if I did I might tell them that they can't get a soul, so give up and get out of Dodge!  I might also tell them to eat some fried chicken and watermelon and listen to the blues.   I guess meeting an ET might qualify as a direct experience, but that would be filtered through my belief system, consciousness/awareness.  I remember reading about an abductee, with a Christian background, who kept asking these guys if they were angels.  So the best direct experience would be a state of consciousness/awareness beyond that, where you merge with it All and just Know, so you might call that a spiritual experience (the Godverse?)  I have read accounts of NDE's and OBE's that are very insightful.  I read a few books by Robert Monroe, who mapped the highway of OBE's, and strangely in all his travels he never encountered ET's or evidence of them.  I wonder if his belief system contributed to that.

I did some traveling through Europe and the Middle East in 1997 and tried to visit what I called "spiritual" high energy places i.e. Stonehenge, the Pyramids in Egypt, Delphi in Greece, etc.  I wound up spending 4 months living in a hostel in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem and by the time I left I had lost all my beliefs.  I realized that all I had were beliefs, some might be 'true", whatever that is, and some might not be.  Before that trip I believed that I was a spiritual being having a physical experience.  Before I left on that trip I had put out to the "universe" that I wanted to learn something and not come back the same.  I felt lost without my beliefs, and some folks said that's too bad and others said that was the best thing that could have happened to me.  I hope that I didn't throw the baby out with the bath water.

I enjoyed Nigel's book and can't wait to read "The Song of the Greys"  I have also been reading the articles on the website. I have read accounts of encounters with the Greys where people come away feeling that they are our brothers and that they are here to save us from ourselves and our planet from environmental disaster, so they felt that these guys were being compassionate and empathetic and it engendered those same feeling in them also.

David Icke believes that the planet is controlled by Reptilians living in the lower echelons of the 4th dimension and that the energy system that sustains them is the fear that is generated by governments, corporations, the military, etc.  Marshall Summers, via the Allies of Humanity, believes that aliens are here for our resources because they have exhausted or never had them on their own worlds.  He describes a hive mentality.  And then there is Zachariah Sitchen and his whole thing. I agree that Nigel is a "breath of fresh air" and I thank you for taking the time to answer my email.  I will continue reading his stuff.

Have a good 4th of July!  Oh Yeah, you guys don't celebrate that.  Icke believes that England still covertly runs the USA???

Date: 28th June 2010

Hi Peter,

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by direct experience but it's a fair guess you don't mean direct experience of the alien phenomenon. I don't think you would have written to Nigel's website if you saw that experience as something to hope for. So I imagine you must mean a direct spiritual experience.

You are hoping to find a direct experience that will allow you to move from belief towards knowing. Well I find Nigel's books a breath of fresh air because they don't really call for belief.  Instead, I find, they build an understanding of the basic existential questions and through that understanding, the potential for the knowing you speak of. What I like is that he doesn't approach all of this from a religious standpoint but instead from a logical philosophical perspective that happens to chime in with the wisdom of the original teachers of the main religions. This same wisdom has of course been contradicted implicitly by the religious institutions that claim to represent these teachers but really only represent themselves and their own self interest.

I suppose what Nigel hints at is that the kind of knowing you are talking about only happens when you understand enough to live the principles these teachers taught. There will perhaps be no fanfare, no startling paranormal experience, no burst of light, but slowly and surely you'll start to know. You'll know in the same way that Christ quietly came to a carpenter's family in a stable in Bethlehem and was missed by those who at the time were looking for a more Hollywood type introduction to the world i.e. a messiah born into a prestigious A-list family accompanied by suitable flashes of light and holy music!

Near Death Experiences are so often transformational for those who have them and seem to get a sight of what lies beyond atoms and the knowledge of a God's eye view of life and living. They return to life inspired with a sense of 'knowing' of what they have to do to match the beauty that they experienced in the NDE. But, as I said, I am convinced you don't need an NDE to have that kind of knowing, the kind of knowing that can pull you out of the dull cloak of everydayness and allow you to know and feel what really matters.

That kind of knowing cannot be a 'manipulation'. The 'manipulation' you speak of is, I imagine, the kind of technological manipulation used by the Greys. The litmus test for that kind of manipulation is simple - Anything you feel and experience that is based on compassion and empathy for others cannot be a result of Grey manipulation. They are robots and machines and incapable of writing these factors into any programmes they introduce into our minds.

Best wishes,

Anne Jones

From: Michael Henry
Date: 12th April 2010

Dear Nigel,

I recently came across, and have subsequently read, your book ‘Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Human Souls’.

I am writing to thank you. I have never been ‘religious’ and have somehow always know that I must establish my own relationship with ‘God’; that ‘intermediaries’ have no role.  As I read through your book connections established themselves in me that have shown me the way home.

I liked the patience you took to go into the detail that you needed to so that the things you were actually wanting to say had plenty of ground to stand on.  I also appreciated the graphical representations that you used to express the dynamic aspects of the polarities you were discussing, and all the shades in between.  I could go on – there was so much packed into your book, the breadth of the material you covered was really quite astounding - I know I will have to reread several times before I have sucked out even half the marrow.

I suppose I could dwell on the less pleasant aspects of life on earth, but mostly I take away from your book that patiently uncovering the nature on my own ignorance and delusion, and understanding the reality of my own nature, and connection with truth/God/absolute is worth as many lifetimes as it takes.  You have refreshed and reinvigorated my faith in myself and in God.

Once again Nigel, many thanks from the bottom of my heart for the way you have taken the trouble to express yourself – my life is enriched because of it.

Warm Regards,

From: Indra Nanayakkara
Date: 8th April 2010


I have read your book, but I can't understand how someone from outer space or even within this world would harvest  "soul" . My question is what is "soul" how do you define this four letter word?  Thanks


Date: 9th April 2010

Hi Indra,

Have you read Nigel's first book 'The Song of the Greys' or his second 'Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls'?

Nigel Kerner's central thesis is that there is a paradox that can never be reconciled between the Grey alien agenda and their ability to execute it effectively. In that context your question asking how it could be possible to harvest soul is very perceptive. According to Nigel's thesis it is IMPOSSIBLE to literally harvest soul because of that paradox but it is their attempts to harvest soul that cause all the problems. Let me explain:

Nigel defines a 'soul' as an unbroken line of connection to a non-physical reality he terms the 'Godverse.' The Godverse is a state of perfection that is by definition without any limit and therefore infinite and timeless. According to Nigel's thesis all living species originally came from that state of perfection and have devolved into their current status through many lifetimes of reincarnation. As you have read the book you will be familiar with these ideas.

The expression of being into an imperfect universe such as ours is an implicit result of the perfect freedom of the Godverse to explore all options including the option to no longer be perfectly free. Thus there is no creator God placing us in imperfection and watching the fun. There is instead an implicate state of perfect freedom that must implicitly include imperfection within its scope. The physical universe and it's chaotic momentums such as entropy, breaking things down with time into greater states of disorder and separation, are thus an expression of that scope. Expressions of the holistic nature of the Godverse into the physical universe become individual separate expressions of awareness and freedom to choose based on the scope of that awareness.

These individual expressions can and in certain cases do, get caught by these chaotic momentums. Free will is however always paramount, will to choose the values of the Godverse and it's holistic state of cohesion and union or the universe and it's separated state of individuality and separation. The history of an individual soul through lifetimes of reincarnation is basically a history of those choices.

The Greys are the final expression of the implicit momentum to know and understand all options. They are an artificial creation with no soul. Created originally as probes to explore and understand the dangers of a physical universe and ensure the best potential for survival within that universe for their soul-bearing creators. Then comes the paradox, as bio-machines without a soul-line of connection to the Godverse they can never understand the nature of soul or the Godverse. To them it is a strange facility for eternality that they wish to harvest to facilitate the only eternality that they understand, a physical eternality in this universe. As they are purely physical they are entirely subject to entropic momentums of break down and decay and they are looking for a life raft of resistance to these momentums.

They cannot with their physical tools get a hold of our non-physical souls so they seek to convert us into them. Piggy back on our souls by incorporating their programmes into us through genetic engineering. But again there is a paradox, the more they do this the more they will break up and interfere with our soul line of connection to the Godverse and we will gradually lose the power of that eternal component to defy the entropic momentums of the physical universe and they will lose their life raft.

I hope this sorts out your question. If it is the first book you have read it is well worth getting the second as these questions are explained in that in far more detail.

Best wishes,


From: Brenda Harry
Date: 7th April 2010

I hope you are aware of Tony Bushby. His books are complimentary to the way Nigel Kerner sees things.

Best wishes

Brenda Harry

From: Nancy Zak
Date: 23rd March 2010

Dear Mr. Kerner,

I briefly read your excerpt on this website concerning the Neanderthals.  I do not ascribe to the belief that man today has no vestige of our Neanderthal ancestors.  I am the paternal granddaughter of an Inupiat Eskimo grandmother from the Barrow, Alaska area. She migrated as Inuit used to do from what are now the borders of Alaska across the border to Canada, namely the MacKenzie Delta area of the Inuvialuit people whereafter she resided. 

I've always felt drawn to the European/Middle Eastern Paleolithic and Neolithic, their arts and cultures, and, of course, the Neanderthal.  I have always felt connected to the Neanderthal. Once when looking at a book by a paoleoanthropologist I saw an illustration of the skeletal structure of the Inuit man.  There may have also been an illustration of the skeletal structure of a Neanderthal.  At any rate, the author/scholar specifically observed that the two skeletal structures were virtually identical except for one factor, which factor I cannot recall.  I subsequently forgot the author's name and the title of that book.  How I wish I had bought a copy!  I have tried without success to find that book.  The volume in question was a work by a noted scholar intended for a popular audience.  Since reading this observation I have never believed what most paleoanthropologists assert - that there is no connection between "modern" man and the Neanderthal. 

Thank you for your work and your informative website.


Nancy C. Zak

From: Paul Aitken
Date: 13th March 2010

Dear Nigel,

First off, thank you for writing those wonderful books. It is extremely refreshing to read a new perspective on the alien phenomena. One can feel despair when thinking of the current paradigm. How they have managed to make what should be a magical life seems dank, mechanical and grey is a travesty.

I read with interest the chapter on the chances of solving a rubix cube blind folded and was reminded of an experience I had many years ago when I was a teenager. I awoke early one morning whilst it was still pitch black outside and couldn't get back to sleep. Out of boredom I picked up the cube on my bedside table and started turning the tumblers this way and that with my eyes closed. I eventually got tired and put it down and went to sleep. When I awoke the next morning I happened to look on my bed side table and found that the cube had been magically solved. Now what are the chances of that?? At that time I was only able to solve one side with two rows right around. To this day I have never actually solved it intentionally. Other than it been an off chance the only other explanation I have is that I was been interfered with...

I have had a number of illness's and experiences ( more like lucid dreams, twice with a reptillian but never with the greys, as far as I know) that indicated that more was going on than normal. 

I don't expect anyone to believe this story but that is beside the point. I thought that you would like to know that it has happened at least once.

I look forward to reading you third book. As far as I am concerened it doesn't matter whether your theory is correct, what is important is that we as a race start to expand our fields of reference and start developing our own thoughts and ideas based on a range of information and experience.

All the best


From: David B. Gomes
Date: 16th February 2010

Dear Mr Kerner,

I agree with your premise in your article "Our Fathers Who Art From Spaceships" that the Bible lumps many different beings into the heading of "God", for by their deeds ye shall know (identify) them.  Gods of War, Gods of Hate, Gods of Jealousy, etc.  And you have correctly identified the Greys/Anunaki the same as Gen 1:26,27 and 5:1,2 identifies the creators of mankind as physical beings, i.e.. "created man in their own image, male and female created he them."

Your statement, "I am not saying there is no God. I do believe there has to be such a paradigm." is the reason for this email.

In my 77 years I have come to the following conclusion as to who is the Creator of the Universe as described in Gen 1:1 thru 25.   Substituting  "eons" for "days", it is the same sequence as prescribed by mainstream astronomers.

What has:

1. Omnipotence = unlimited power?

2. Omnipresence = the ability to be present in every place at any, and/or every time?

3. Omniscience = the capacity to know everything infinitely?

4. Is All and In All?

The standard religionist answer is "God".

OK, so who or what is God?   A being that hangs around the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?  Bad answer.

Oh, yes, He is in Heaven.   Weak answer.  Means, "I don't know."

Where is Heaven?   A place outside of this Kindergarten where we are not. 

There is ONE and ONLY ONE correct answer to the above 4 questions  and therefore the answer to who God has to be, is the SENTIENT UNIVERSE.

THE SENTIENT UNIVERSE has all the power of the Universe.

THE SENTIENT UNIVERSE is every place and time, its everywhere.  Did I say, "Everywhere"?  Yes, well except where the other Universes are.

THE SENTIENT UNIVERSE is All and in all,  in you, me and everything.

THE SENTIENT UNIVERSE knows all about ITSELF and IT experiences all that we see, feel and do including our pain, joys and happiness.  And YES, The Sentient Universe hears YOUR prayers!

We are THE SENTIENT UNIVERSE's hands, feet, eyes and ears in this 3D world.  How are YOUR actions affecting the Universe, ....., I mean "God"?

The Bible explains it this way:

And the Word was God.  John 1:1

That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: Jn:21

God worketh all in all. I Cor. 12:26 ...that God may be all in all. I Cor. 15:28

One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all and in you all. Eph. 4:6

According to metaphysicist, Charles Leadbeater, "We Are Living Inside a Gigantic Brain!"

Ernest Rutherford, the father of Nuclear Physics, said:  "The universe is like a gigantic thought more than like a gigantic machine."

I have not had an opportunity to read your books yet, but your article is very thought provoking. There is so much more than we could possibly know.

Thank you and Aloha,

David B. Gomes

Date: 18th February 2010

Thank you sincerely Mr Gomes for your very interesting and thoughtful letter.  There is much said about God and Gods in our world  and sadly a lot of it is contrived at the behests of our vulnerable humanity and  the search for an affirmation of any final  truth about the paradigm will go on and on. My own offering on this matter is not meant to be any final conclusion. It is assembled from much research into the ancient texts from all religious authorities and from many diverse platforms of thought and thinking on the matter. Your logical summation is impressive and I wish more of our family of humanity are able as you are to place the cursor of discovery with such fairness and erudition.

Forgive me if I have misinterpreted what you have said but it seems to me that you are describing a sentient universe that is bounded by the bounds of this particular universe. What do you think of the proposition that there might be an INFINITE universe that has no bounds?

Sentience as defined by thought and awareness is not quantifiable, it has no edges, no boundaries. There is also a 'sentience' defined by our sensory perception of the world which is indeed quantifiable. But I am referring not to that but to the sentient observer who registers those sensory perceptions and notices them. 

Thus I believe that sentience is an infinite quantum that defines what I call the Godverse. A perfect state of absolute union of all parts in which there is no limit and therefore perfect freedom. Finite universes like ours are an expression of the potential in that perfect freedom to also know what it is like to no longer be perfectly free. Thus we, as living sentient beings are halfway houses, a product of our choices to explore the potentialities of an imperfect physical, material, touchable universe. This as you know makes up our total reality.

The Godverse is thus the master universe, the infinite backdrop to all finite existent states. It includes all potentials, the full scale from a pole of perfect freedom and absolute union and harmony to its opposite, a pole of complete restriction and absolute chaos and disorder. If there is one thing there has to be the other if you see what I mean. In other words if there is a physical material universe there has to be its opposite state as well.

All life forms are an expression of the interaction of these two poles. The second law of thermodynamics, otherwise known as the drift of Entropy, defines the natural momentum of a physical universe to move into greater and greater states of separation, randomness and chaos. That momentum is an expression of the potential in the perfect freedom of the Godverse to know all options including the option to no longer be perfectly free. The implicit underlying existence of the infinite nature of the Godverse in all finite states provides a natural counter momentum to the entropic drift, a momentum that binds and unites and makes for greater states of harmony amd union. I believe that the Godverse is expressed in the space between our atoms right at the centre of this space where there is a perfect still point with no force at all, a 'peace point' I call it. The Godverse talks to us and provides its function at this point in all universes. It is the potential difference between these two opposing momentums one towards union the other towards separation, that makes for the spark of life. We, with our free choices choose to travel more with the values and momentums of a physical universe or with the values and momentums of a non-physical universe. We set our cursor based on those choices.

It is all implicit. There is no divine judgement, no father God in the sky giving us rewards and punishments, we are truly our own keepers and by implication we are truly our brothers' keepers also. Through this we can access either the Godverse or the Universe as we choose.

Thanks again for your interest and your very thoughtful questions,

Warm wishes,

Nigel Kerner