Image of Man's head covered in electrodesTo Be or Not To Be - An Analysis of the Grey Alien Phenomenom

Originally published: New Dawn Magazine Special Issue Vol.11 No.2
April 2017




I am convinced the single greatest and most all-encompassing existential battle in the universe is between naturally living states with natural intelligent quanta of intelligence and artificially produced states with artificially produced intelligence.

Just when I thought it was impossible for the world to get any more mad than it already is I have just read that the European Parliament is about to draft a set of regulations about the use of Artificial Intelligence that includes guidance on 'electronic personhood.1 In other words, if a 'robot' copy is actually an embodied version of a real person what rights should it have? Hang on a moment, did I read that correctly, did that say ‘rights for robots?’ The mind-bendingly astonishing fallacy behind even considering that proposition is the kernel theme of my trilogy of books which carefully delineate the axiomatically crucial difference between natural living being and synthetically created artificial entities.

So how does this relate to the alien phenomenon that has become the most pervasive enigma known to humankind involving the appearance of UFOS both in the skies and in the vast stretches of water on our planet? Stephen Hawking has suggested that we send our own biological information out into space so that our species can be preserved elsewhere should this planet become uninhabitable.2 There is no reason not to believe that other civilisations might have gone many steps further than us and developed the technology to send translations of themselves in digital information format out into space, in fact Seth Shostak at SETI has stated that he believes the most likely form of extra-terrestrial entity would be artificially intelligent and therefore robotic.3

Super robots, I believe, are creations made by beings with a supremely advanced technology looking for a way to extend their existence perhaps after their own planet has become no longer habitable. This artificial intelligence would logically involve a program to extend its scope to cover all possible knowledge to promote the survival and continuance of the information it contains in the best possible aspect. So, if it detected something it could not understand or know, it would seek to find out about it. This would mean somehow bridging its artificially intelligent program into any unknown quantity that has all the adaptations necessary to survive at any particular hospitable planetary location. In other words, by bridging their artificial intelligence into us they would be extending the existence of the information given to them by their creators, just as trans-humanists like Kurzweil seek to do when they look for ways to download an entire individuality into an artificial information format in the interests of seeking continuance for that individuality.

It may well be that this is a Universe wide procedure and not just one being carried out on our own planet. Horrifyingly, it could be a normal protocol in the whole Universe.

Any artificially intelligent visitors could achieve this goal via trans-humanism and the insertion of chipping technology into our biology or via some kind of genetic engineering, which incidentally is exactly what is reported by many hundreds of individuals who have been subject to what has been described as the alien abduction phenomenon.

There is a tsunami of evidence now that points to the presence of UFOs verified as craft not of this world and acknowledged by reputable experts to be of extra-terrestrial origin. Astronauts, military generals, pilots, policemen, lawyers, doctors and priests have testified as witnesses to this phenomena. It is foolishness bordering on insanity to ignore such reports as the figment of people’s imagination.

In 1991. Budd Hopkins, Professor David Jacobs and Professor John Mack put together a poll of 5,800 people across the country over the age of 18. They were asked a series of 10 questions and based on those Jacobs said “the numbers of people who might have abductions were just huge, 15% or something like that. It's craziness. So they divided the questions into the five lower indicator questions and five higher indicator questions and they had to answer "yes" to four of the five higher indicator questions to make the poll. That meant they could answer "yes" to eight questions and not make the final statistics. Now we got it down to two percent of the American public which made national news because two percent of 300 million people is six million. In other words the numbers are crazy.”4

He goes on to say: “Now here's the problem. This is a global phenomenon. It is happening all around the world. Budd Hopkins and I have worked with people from Asia, from Africa, from Latin America, from Australia …. the same details, talking about the same instruments, that are used, all around the world, regardless of geography, regardless of education level, regardless of anything, regardless of religion. It does not matter.”

In 1997 in my first book ‘The Song of the Greys’ I suggested, as does Dr Michio Kaku more currently, that the chances are that any alien life advanced enough to reach our planet is likely to be predatory in nature. I argued that human beings as the top of the food chain on this planet are predators and any intelligent life form, especially one that is capable of the advanced technology necessary for space travel is also likely to have dominated their own planet through the predation of other species. So putting these two facts together, it’s safe to say they’re here and they’re here with their own agenda. A disturbing thought. A benevolent outlook on their part would have long ago given us situations that minimise environmental corruption and illuminate human outlook with greater scales of benediction for the human family. They would not be hiding in the bowels of the planet, be it under land or water, as instance after instance has revealed. So what might their agenda be?

Professor Jacob’s book Threat, gives the account of Allison Reed, an abductee who had a four-and-a-half day abduction event in which an alien escort told her “that he and his grey people are the result of genetic manipulation that some higher species, I guess, played God and mixed and matched and whatever. ….I don’t know what they were created for. But my understanding is that they were created for a purpose and, through the years, they weren’t able to reproduce themselves anymore. ….That’s just what I heard.”5

Professor Jacobs says that all the evidence suggests that abduction is a phenomenon that runs through the generations in families and that sexual reproduction and a hybridisation of humanity with the alien entities appears to be the driving factor behind the abductions. He goes on to say: “There's a certain ominous quality to the global, clandestine and intergenerational nature of it.”

We ourselves seem to be inexorably heading into a hybridisation of our natural bodies with synthetic technologies. Nothing can be more catastrophic for humankind than to buy into this coming momentum of chip induced ‘trans-humanism’. We don’t have to look for some catastrophic event that might wipe out human kind. Before 2050, Kurzweil predicts that AI and nanotech will have advanced so far that our brains, with their memories, capabilities and characteristics, can be reduced to pure information and programmed into a non-biological interface be it a supercomputer, or a swarm of nanobots. The way advances in technology seem to be progressing,this possibility seems more and more realisable. The trans-humanist perspective is by no means science fiction any longer. All this with 200 years of technology, can you imagine what other civilisations beyond this planet might have achieved with a longer time span?

In an article in Nature, Göran Gustafsson, an engineer whose team at the Swedish electronics company Acreo, is one of many who foresee a future in which humans are wired up like cars, with sensors that form early-warning systems for disease or illness. John Rogers, a materials scientist at the University of Illinois, says “I think electronics is coming at you. It's migrating closer and closer and I think it's a very natural thing to imagine that they will eventually become intimately integrated with the body.” The article makes the point that: “When a semiconductor chip is introduced inside the body, hacking is a truly serious issue.”6

Alexsandr Noy at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California is developing one of the first examples of a truly integrated bioelectronic system. A novel transistor controlled by the chemical that provides the energy for our cells’ metabolism could be a big step towards making prosthetic devices that can be wired directly into the nervous system. Transistors are the fundamental building blocks of electronic gadgets, so finding ways to control them with biological signals could provide a route towards integrating electronics with the body. Noy hopes “that this type of technology could be used to construct seamless bioelectronic interfaces to allow better communication between living organisms and machines.”7

“This is a major step forward in showing that a living cell such as a simple bacterium can be engineered to sustain a synthetic base pair not found in nature,” said Paul Freemont, who specialises in synthetic biology at Imperial College in London. “This leads to the concept of semi-synthetic living systems that could be engineered to perform specific functions that would rely on a distinct genetic code compared to the natural genetic code.”

But he said that the “real power” of the approach would be in making microbes that carried multiple artificial DNA bases, or even a completely human-designed synthetic genome, which the study suggested was at least possible in principle.”8

Elon Musk is in the process of developing a computer interface woven into the brain, allowing the user to access, for example, the Internet just by thinking, and even perhaps store backups of a person’s mind in case the person physically dies. By being wirelessly enabled, the device could allow us to write, paint, and communicate just by thinking. Musk is a firm believer that artificial intelligence will outmanoeuvre our own in the future, and this could be seen as a way of allowing us to “team up” with it – to keep pace with it, so we aren’t left behind. Amazingly, several actual organizations are giving it a go already. One of them is the US military’s scientific division, (DARPA). Musk says humans will eventually need to achieve symbiosis with 'digital super-intelligence' in order to cope with the advancing world: 'Ultimately it would need to be some kind of improved symbiosis with digital super-intelligence.9

So what happens when natural living being is added to by a robotic creation that works on artificial intelligence run by a programmed operating system? To answer that question we have to ask if there is an important difference between that which is natural and that which is artificial or synthetic. If we are nothing more than biological organisms that start at birth and end at death then essentially we are biological machines and an exact replication of ourselves in every way is theoretically possible given the necessary advancements in technology to achieve it.

Quantum physics - the theory of the very small, has thrown up all sorts of odd things which suggest that we may not be the physically finite entities that the scientific consensus takes us to be. For instance there are limits to the resolution with which we can observe the Universe, and if we try to study anything smaller, things just look "fuzzy" without solid defines. Patterns imprinted in the cosmic microwave background, left over from the moment the universe was created, carry information about the very early Universe. Using this information, a UK, Canadian and Italian research team were able to make complex comparisons between networks of features in the data and quantum field theory. They found that some of the simplest quantum field theories could explain nearly all cosmological observations of the early universe and found substantial evidence that our universe could be a vast and complex hologram. They found that the background images of the early universe are blurry because space and time are not yet well defined, it is only later on that the Universe enters a geometric phase which can be described by Einstein's equations. The researchers have published these findings in the journal Physical Review Letters. Professor Skenderis explains: "Imagine that everything you see, feel and hear in three dimensions (and your perception of time) in fact emanates from a flat two-dimensional field. The idea is similar to that of ordinary holograms where a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface, such as in the hologram on a credit card. However, this time, the entire universe is encoded!" He then adds: "Holography is a huge leap forward in the way we think about the structure and creation of the universe. Einstein's theory of general relativity explains almost everything large scale in the universe very well, but starts to unravel when examining its origins and mechanisms at quantum level. Scientists have been working for decades to combine Einstein's theory of gravity and quantum theory. Some believe the concept of a holographic universe has the potential to reconcile the two. I hope our research takes us another step towards this."10

My thesis that the origins of our Universe from zero dimensions, to one dimension, to two dimensions, to the compromise between 3 and 4 dimensions was first discussed in my book ‘The Song of the Greys’ published in 1997. It is heartening to now see science coming around to this same theory 20 years later. My reasoning behind the theory was that if you trace back the pathway of the big bang explosion, you will inevitably arrive at a point of union, a singularity where there is no separation of points and therefore no time, space or matter, a non-physical quantum field similar to that described by Skenderis’s team. There seems to be a power that allows for ordered states to happen incidentally within a disorganizing inertia. This power I believe emanates from an ultimate singularity that is itself manifested through the existence of two absolute Poles. One a pole of ultimate Union and Harmony, the singularity before the Big Bang and the other a Pole of ultimate disunion and disharmony, the point of ultimate chaos, the end point of the second law of thermodynamics or 'entropy' that describes the fact that all states decay into greater and greater randomness, chaos, and separation with time. The Second Law dominates all expressions of existential manifestation in our Universe. We all die. All things decay. All the time. All things unravel their previous formats continually and get into worse more complicated states, not better, completely new and more ordered states. It’s tacit. Evolution is simply adaptation to increasingly worse tacit situations. It is expressly not the creation of completely new situations. It is change from what was previously there always including some elements that were previously there in a concatenate line of Evolution within an overall Devolutionary procedure.

This primary existential backdrop is implicit and implicate. There is no creator personal God playing dice with his created beings. We are, as a combined manifestation of these primary existential opposed poles, here through our own choice made in the perfect freedom of the state in which all choices are possible. It is these two poles in ultimate union of one singularity that provides for the whole reference against which all partial states can be known. Without that reference these partial states cannot be known.

Physics research out this year has found a detectable field within the universe which has all the hallmarks of that reference field. Trillions of neutrinos also known by physicists as 'ghost particles' are passing through us each second. Neutrinos are weird particles. Unlike other elementary particles that make up ordinary matter, such as electrons and quarks, neutrinos have no electric charge. They're also at least a million times lighter than any other particle known to science. In fact, their masses are so small scientists have not yet been able to measure them accurately. Could the information field that for want of a better word could be called a 'soul', register as a neutrino field? Artificially intelligent alien visitors would detect that this field can beat the two restrictions to which they, as purely atomic entities, are totally subject - i.e. the restrictions of time and space. In other words a neutrino field needs no craft to travel in, it can be in all places instantly and it will not die, it exists beyond physical death. Would they not then seek to tap into that freedom to improve and preserve their information programs?

The following quote from the research I just mentioned illustrates how important neutrinos may well be in understanding our fundamental origins: "While the Standard Model is only a somewhat accurate theory, it leaves gaping holes, like the nature of dark matter and how a universe filled with matter, rather than anti-matter, arose from the Big Bang. We don't know how to fill them yet," said Tyce DeYoung, MSU associate professor of physics and astronomy. "We're hoping that by measuring the properties of neutrinos, such as their masses and how they morph or oscillate from one into another, we may get some clues into these open questions."11

If the concept of a Soul is provable as a tacit measure of the continuance of a living individuality after death, and this signifies a non-atomic property, it will be immune to the deadly Second Law of Thermodynamics or S.L.O.T. as I like to call it. Thus this property might be a synthetic entity’s ultimate goal, their ‘Holy Grail’ so to speak. A property that they could never know or understand in its own terms as the roboids are purely atomic artificial creations. Their only perception of it will be perhaps through their technology. It might be that they can trace the effect a soul has on atoms as it leaves the scale of the physical Universe at the point of death. Our own scientific research in this area is now revealing intriguing affirmations empirically that something about a living entity continues after death. The super technology of the roboids may know this in absolute terms and thus recognise that there might be significant implications in this for them in their non-living synthetic machine state. The difference between a naturally living entity and their artificial state might be why they seek planets with advanced intelligent life forms. They may well be able to hijack or piggyback on suitable human souls. Preposterous though it sounds, this is now a real achievable proposition when looked at in terms of what contemporary findings in science imply about quantum mechanical weirdness in the Universe. I attempt to show plausibly why, in more detail, in my forthcoming book.

Ironically what these artificially intelligent entities are seeking I believe is eternal survivability. The Greys and any physical life that they might reconstitute from the DNA codes they carry on behalf of their creators, cannot access the state beyond death. They have no ‘soul,’ they cannot be born. They are trying to use living being -us - as a bridge into ‘soul’ writing their programmes into us through genetic engineering and implantation so that through us they can tap into an eternal existence. Paradoxically they are trying to achieve the impossible but as purely physical creations without a ‘soul’ they cannot know this. They are also searching out our ability to transcend and conquer the limits of space and time when we die. That is I believe when the soul of a living entity can travel instantly anywhere in the Universe at the point of death. Grey aliens have been witnessed during paranormal encounters by many mediums and psychic sensitives with ghosts in the dominion where a living identity can exist outside the frame of physical matter.12 In my book ‘The Margins of Forever’ up for future publication, I explore an intriguing existential paradigm in which we continued existence beyond a physical life state. All this will be too much to describe in this article. Suffice to say this discarnate existence in which we continue at death is set and defined by the level of freedom and lack of restriction we persist with in an incarnate state and context. This level defines the scope of our soul or neutrino field and if that scope is limited and restricted to certain patterns of thinking then after death we stay in those patterns reflecting what we did in physical life. The phenomenon of ghosts that have been witnessed repeating the same act countless times as if they are in a repeating loop is explained in this way.

The assertions made by some observers in accounting for the UFO phenomenon is that the ET aliens are here for a harvest of rare elements from our planet. This is to my mind ludicrous. If they have the means to get here through the vast distances planetary scales dictate by negating the power of gravity, it further implies their technology might be able to harvest entire planets full of rare elements for any purpose.

I am convinced their aim is the hijacking of the rarest and most precious of all existential elements in the whole Universe. Life. Life with certain aspects of intellectual and physical characteristics. Life-forms that give them an existential dividend in a situation they as synthetic machines could never ordinarily have. It would certainly be the most worthwhile reason they could have for being on our planet and covertly doing what they are doing. It would answer very well why they operate the way they do and why they would seek to control all the agencies that might give us warning of their intentions. Vast control of the press and media and secret governments within governments.13 Technology that would locate and pin down each and every one of us in an instant and the means to monitor our physical and mental auspices through all the protocols that lead to trans-humanism. It is all set up through the provision of the biological means to do this through agents and agencies who will come at the world with beguiling words and intentions to achieve it and I believe the price of this will be the final price of all. To some, the loss of the human capacity to prevail past death in a triumphal state that endows eternal existence naturally and not synthetically.


© Nigel Kerner 2017


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